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Who we are?

Hitopic is a marketing technology company that uses technical background to provide growth strategy based on content, data and automation.


Get more traffic and find your customers from SEO, Paid Search, Social, Display and RTB networks and think only to the good metrics for your business.


Publishers need to sell each impressions to the highest bid but really, you sell audience and viewability to advertising network. We do that and partner with Google here!


Behavior understanding of your audience is key and have to be based on good metrics. We help you to build a strong data layer to provide good datas.

What we do

We Provide Knowledge of Your Audience

We build strategy, get growth and create new revenue channels.


Targeted traffic is key to create recurrent revenue.


Get revenue for each actions on your web app.

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Ready to improve your monthly revenue ? Reach us at hello@hitopic.fr


Real Time Data.

Real Time Data is our private ad network under Google Adexchange.

Google AdSense Certified Partner

Google Adsense Certified Partner

Need to optimise your AdSense revenue or discover Google Adexchange Advertising Network ? Contact us to join and receive an invitation to our private ad network Real-Time Data.

Google Ad Manager

Google Ad Manager

Need a full solutions to manage efficiently your advertising inventory ? Try GAM and the powerful of Google Ads providing the highest bids and coverage.


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